Meet Gary, a real YESCARTA® patient

Meet Gary, a real YESCARTA® patient

In 2016, Gary was preparing to start a new chapter in life. He had recently retired from a career in public service, had two sons finishing up college, and his wife, Teresa, fully supported Gary’s dream to start his own business.

Gary was the type who never got sick. And then at 48 years old, he was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma. He tried several lines of chemotherapy and radiation. They didn’t work. Gary was running out of options but holding on to hope that he would survive. That’s when Gary’s oncologist referred him to an Authorized Treatment Center to learn about YESCARTA.

Please read the Medication Guide, including IMPORTANT WARNINGS, before you receive YESCARTA.

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Discuss YESCARTA with an oncologist at an Authorized Treatment Center

Oncologists at Authorized Treatment Centers have the most experience with CAR T therapy and will be your most informed option for discussing YESCARTA. Download the CAR T Discussion Tool for questions to ask your oncologist, or an oncologist at an Authorized Treatment Center, about your options.